Sunday, 21 December 2014


Did you know that snowflakes are actually crocheted and then stiffened before falling from the sky in their beautiful, magical way? No? You aren't convinced about that? My snowflakes were crocheted and stiffened and then used for various decorative purposes, mainly hanging on the Christmas tree.

I used Rico Essentials Cotton with a 1.75mm hook. Sometimes I crocheted King Cole Cosmos yarn along with the cotton. The patterns came from a variety of sources that I've picked up over the years.

Well I hope you liked the snowflakes. Just a few of the many I've made recently!

Not long to go now to the big day. Then Christmas will be over again for another year and we can all relax. I really love Christmas time. I'm actually quite sorry when it's over. What about you?


  1. Hello Gillian! Your snowflakes are so sparkly and beautiful!
    What wonderful decorations, they look so delicate!
    I hope you will enjoy your family Christmas, hectic and all.
    I'm looking forward to my 2nd oldest daughter coming to visit!
    Wishing you a Happy Christmas!!!
    Ingrid xx

  2. The snowflakes look great! I tried to make some several years ago, but they didn't turn out nearly as nice as yours.
    Hope you enjoy your Christmas!

  3. Your snowflakes are beautiful and I could see that they were magical right away :-)
    Can you make wishes on them?

  4. Hi Gillian, wonderful snowflakes with their sparkles too. I love Christmas but not so keen on the shopping bit!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours

  5. Very lovely snowflakes - I like the fact that they sparkle! :) I have crochet snowflakes in my window too :) Plus I saw some real ones in Stockholm last week which was a real treat!

    Take care

  6. oh so lovely !!! I like them so much !!! well done Gillian !!! I wish you a very happy Christmas !

  7. I love your snowflakes, especially the sparkling ones! : ) Such a shame this year there's not much real snow around, I always feel like it's not really Xmas without the snow...

  8. Your snowflakes are beautiful, I like how you've used different designs so they're all different, which of course real snowflakes are. Yes, I love Christmas, it always seems to be over so quickly though.

  9. Your snowflakes are absolutely gorgeous. Suzy xo

  10. hello gillian,
    your snowflakes are beautiful. love them all. yes, i love christmas,too.
    have a nice evening,

  11. Your snowflakes are all so beautiful! I especially like the twinkly ones! I am sure that your Christmas tree must look beautiful with all the snow falling and twinkling! Happy Christmas! xx

  12. Your snowflakes are so pretty and sparkly. No wonder you suggested snowflakes as a prefect portable project ;- )
    Which method did you use to stiffen them?
    I agree with Jo's comment above about having different snowflake patterns because, after all, every snowflake is unique.
    Have fun this season! xx

    1. I use a product called Stiffy to stiffen the snowflakes. It works very well. Sometimes I use it neat and sometimes I dilute it slightly with water.


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