Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Snowflake Wall Hanging

This is a sort of unfulfilled post. I have been making lots of decorations and also wanted to make a snowflake wall hanging. So I crocheted lots of different snowflakes; different sizes and different designs.

And I sewed them to hessian backing. My intention is to iron some bondaweb to the back, cut out each individual snowflake and attach them all to a piece of linen.

Unfortunately this is as far as I've got and it's beginning to look like the wall hanging won't be finished on time!

Never mind. It will be done for next year. Are you excited? Or totally frazzled? Not long to go now.


  1. Whenever it gets done, it's going to look beautiful! x

  2. So pretty and it's a winter declaration not strictly Christmas! I love seasonal decorations , we will be having a green Christmas but I am sure the cold weather will return soon! Merry Christmas!!

  3. Both frazzled and excited, and a bit sorry that I didn't have the time to finish all the items I had in mind... but I've still got and evening and a whole day to go, so who knows! ; )
    Love your snowflakes, stitching them to that piece of linen is a great idea!

  4. Slightly on the frazzled side! The list is now only as long as one of my arms though thank goodness and I did find all the things I wanted to lay the table which is good. I broke into a box of chocolates this evening, which isn't so good! Your snowflakes are beautiful, and you know - and I am NOT adding pressure here! - it will still be cold and wintery and possibly snowy after Christmas, so it could be a wonderful and beautiful winter decoration for when all the Christmas things have come down! A snowflake could be for life, not just Christmas! Whatever and whenever you do with them it will be wonderful!! Happy Christmas and try not to be too frazzled yourself - chocolates really do work! xx

  5. To me these look quite lovely as they are :-)

  6. One word : BEAUTIFUL !!!! greta ideas !!!! well, for me both frazzled and excited .... !!!! See you soon and I wish you very happy night ....

  7. I'm neither excited nor frazzled. But I have been both in the last few days. Now, on Christmas day, our guests have all gone to other family members' homes and we are quietly content. How is your day going today, Gillian?

    1. It was a busy day but all went well. Everyone has gone so we're eating chocolate and watching Downton Abbey.


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