Saturday, 20 December 2014

Crocheted Christmas Decorations

I've been making lots of Christmas decorations to use this year. In this post I'm going to let you see some of the crocheted decorations as well as a few knitted ones.

First of all, this robin is crocheted using my own version of Jacquie's owl pattern. This was my first attempt but I've made a different version that I'll show you later in another post.

This tree, stocking and penquin are made from Val Pierce's Mini Christmas Crochet (Twenty to Make) book. I used different yarn and hook sizes and made other various tweaks to get these results.

This bauble and the little star and heart are made using Lucy's patterns here, here and here. I also made some of the baubles with the points and they were really nice too.

The acorn is from the same book as above.

These hearts are made using Teresa's pattern here. I crocheted some King Cole Cosmos along with the red and purples yarns.

This tiny wall hanging was made by crocheting some Drops Eskimo scraps to make a square and then felting it. A crocheted cotton snowflake was then sewn on and a hanging loop attached.

This is my star tree topper ready to be joined up. See that needle stuck into the point at the right hand side? I've lost it. Actually ... my memory has just been jogged and I think I might know where it is. Must check when I've finished writing this. This is my own design crocheted using Rico Essentials Cotton together with Jomil Starmist yarn. It starts out as a hexagon and then the points are made individually by decreasing the number of stitches on each side of the hexagon until only one stitch is left.

The Christmas trees (to hang on the Christmas tree!) are knitted. Basically made up as I went along.

Most of the decorations were made using Rowan pure wool as well some 50/50 acrylic/wool yarns. This is just a sample of the decorations I made but I'll let you see them and others when they are hanging on our Christmas tree.
Needless to say I had to go and look for my darning needle and I was right. The needle has been found and put away in its proper place.
The girls in my crochet class surprised me, on the night of our last class before Christmas, with this beautiful bouquet.

Stunning or what?
Better go and do some more preparing for Christmas. Need to bake mince pies. As well as lots of other things. More decorations coming this way very soon. 


  1. All your decorations are fab! I love the little robin - he's cute :0) x

  2. I love the robin and the trees, but they are all wonderful!! The flowers are beautiful too, what a nice gift to receive. Happy Christmas! xx

  3. Stunning indeed, and I love your decorations! I'd say my favourites are the little robin and the pine trees, but they're all very nice!

  4. Your decorations are fabulous, your tree will be so pretty. I love the little knitted Christmas trees especially. What a beautiful bouquet to receive, absolutely stunning.

  5. I love all your decorations but my favourite is the robin. Your posts have inspired me to take up crocheting, so i'm going to give it a go in the new year. ;-) Have a lovely Christmas.x

  6. Oh, I do like your robin and the green stocking so much, but also the other little christmastree dresdings (is this the right word?)
    I will do another English-course next year, hoping to writ more fluently ;o)
    Wish you a mary christmas, Birgit

  7. You have made so many wonderful Christmas ornaments. I love them.
    Merry Christmas!

  8. I am so impressed with all of your crocheted decorations. I don't think I've ever seen so many on one tree before. They're all really beautiful and I think the robin is really sweet and special. I hope you have a very merry Christmas.

  9. Your decorations are wonderful - my fingers started itching halfway through the post :-)
    Amalia xo

  10. Hi Gillian, what wonderful decorations, especially the little trees and Robin-quite a handsome chappy.
    Beautiful flowers too.
    Merry Christmas, enjoy. x

  11. Hello Gillian,
    Very nice Christmas creations. So funny to see and cleverly made.
    That is beautiful in the tree. Great ideas.
    Beautiful bouquet of flowers did you get.

    Kind regards,

  12. I'm impressed by your work ! you've done a lot of decorations and for sure very beautiful !!! I wish you a very very happy Christmas .... See you soon !

  13. L love all your cute ornaments, hand made ornaments are the best!! Merry Christmas!

  14. Thanks for sharing all of these ornaments. I love that you have shown the same pattern done in different ways. Thanks for adding links to the original patterns in both this and other posts - you have given everyone a great resource for Christmas ornaments to make for next year - definitely worth bookmarking!
    Great work, Gillian :- )


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