Saturday, 15 November 2014

Autumn Silliness

Welcome back! I'm so glad that you liked my last post about Brown Sugar. I was a bit worried about it but it seems you enjoyed it. I'm so glad that you are leaving comments for me though I'd love to have even more. I'm so glad to have a few more followers joining in with us here.

And I'm so glad to have a local yarn shop. I can still remember the day it opened a few years ago. I couldn't believe that we actually had our very own yarn shop in the town! I'm sure I must go into this lovely shop at least once a week and I'm always tempted by the lovely display of colourful yarn on offer. Recently the new Stylecraft autumn colours really caught my eye and I immediately started thinking about what I could make. Not that I actually needed to make anything more as I already have so many projects on the go. Well I resisted every time I went into that wee shop. For weeks. And weeks. Then I could resist no longer and bought a lovely selection of the autumn colours! You knew I'd give in eventually, didn't you?

So let's see some of the silly things I've made. First of all I made chillis. Silly chillis. Look at them ...

Not having a pattern for these, I just made it up. They were so much fun to crochet. Since I wasn't following a pattern I was able to make each one slightly different to the rest so they are all unique. I used Stylecraft Special DK in Lime, Claret, Gold, Green and Copper. The stalks are Meadow. That's just a melamine bowl I have to put them in for now but I'm going to crochet another bowl specially for these chilis. I've already bought the yarn! It's Stylecraft Special DK in Denim. I think I'll add some small splashes of the Lime and Claret. We'll see. And I'll let you see when it's finished.

I have been using my peg loom for a few weeks now but my first few pieces of weaving weren't that good. So I decided to try and use them in some way so they wouldn't be wasted. The first piece was woven using Stylecraft Swift Knit Super Chunky. I used about a third of the ball with my practising so I had to buy another ball to make a scarf. You can see the scarf here.

Anyway, not satisfied to just make chillis, I proceeded to make some leaves to attach to my weaving to make a small wall hanging. I used my 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet book for patterns. First I tried the crocheted oak leaf and liked it so much that I stuck with this for another two leaves. Since I'd made oak leaves, I thought some acorns would be just the thing to add. So I crocheted three acorns. All the adornments are made using Stylecraft Special DK in Spice, Lime, Copper, Gold and Claret. I also used the claret to crochet round the woven piece; just one row of double crochet (or single crochet for US readers).

What do you think of my wall hanging? It isn't very big at 8" x 6" but I love it.

I couldn't decide whether to hang it portrait or landscape but in the end I went with landscape.

By the way, when it's hanging you can't see that messy corner as it sits flat against the wall!

So there you have the results of my autumn silliness. It helps to make up for the constant rain we seem to be having these days. Actually there's more! But enough for now.

Let me know what you think of it all. All the best for now.


  1. Hello Gillian

    Autumnal sillieness, definately NOT. Your chillies are brilliant, especially the colours. I know what you mean about a yarn shop, I could spend hours and hours in one just touchie feeling all the yarn.

    Oh my what a wonderful wall hanging, it's stunning. I love the blue (sky) weaving background, it's the perfect backdrop for your leaves and acorns.


  2. I have to say your 'silly' chillis are so colourful - love them :) They look so happy and cheerful in that dish :)

  3. I think we all need a bit of autumn silliness if it puts us in such a creative mood. I don't have a local yarn shop, my nearest one is a bit of a drive so I don't go unless there's something I'm actually looking for, I suppose it saves my purse as I'd be in there all the time if it was near by.

  4. That's great creations ! so colorful ! yeah aumtumn silliness .. I understand it of course !!! Have a lovely and creative week end !

  5. I love your projects and frankly am in awe that you made it that long without making the Autumn yarn purchases. Who can resist beautiful Autumn yarn in Autumn? Love your weaving.

  6. There is nothing wrong with some autumn silliness, and that colour is lovely to see after so many grey days. I love the wall hanging. x

  7. Again love the colors. We are also so lucky to have our own yarn shop in the little village where I live.
    Have a nice evening

  8. Love your autumn creations! Your chilles are so cute and I love the colours in your landscape! Helps brighten the ever shorter darker days. Yarn shops are pure heaven!

  9. Hi Gillian! Not silly at all!!! I love your chillies, I always wanted to make some but never got round to doing so. Because I basically love eating chillies! I love yours, so colourful and cheery!!! You could also hang them on a garland??!
    And your wallhanging is fantastic! I love your colour combinations of the blue with the contrasting gold, red, yellow shades - just great!!!! I think sometimes you need to just let creativity flow and enjoy making something for the pure pleasure of creating! :) I don't know how you can avoid going to yarn shops.... Here in Antwerp it is very difficult, as there are branches of Veritas all over the place, not to mention all my favourite individual hobby shops... Well, you get the idea. On the other hand I am looking forward to our next brief visit to England soon, maybe I get the chance....;)
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend!
    Ingrid xx

  10. I love your silliness! It all looks terrific. The chiles are very clever, I think they would be great for my neck of the woods, actually. And your wall hanging is creative and colorful. Well done.

  11. Your chillies are fabulous, but your wall hanging, well, that is just wonderful!! I love the leaves and acorns equally, it will make such a lovely decoration for this time of year!! xx

  12. Hi Gillian, Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog and nice to meet you! I love your chillies and your beautiful wall hanging - such lovely colours. Your blog is lovely by the way! x

  13. Hi Gillian,
    Your chillies are wonderful, really fun, fabulous colors. Lucky you having a decent local wool shop, one that sells stylecraft too, easier to see the colours but I agree so tempting.
    Weirdly my neighbour just had that book last week and brought it show me, it is on my wish list!. love your wall hanging , it makes me smile. Your colour choices are excellent.
    Have a lovely rest of your day.

  14. Love your chiles and gorgeous wall hanging, Gillian! I really like fruit and veggies made from fabric, or knitted and crocheted, they always appeal to me! Your pictures are so lovely and colourful too :)
    Happy week ahead.
    Helen xox

  15. Well, I love your "autumn silliness!" What great fun. I can't believe you made those chillies without a pattern - very clever. Isn't it great fun going to the yarn shop? Even when you aren't making a purchase, there's something very calming about looking at all the beautiful colors and textures and daydreaming about future projects.
    Have a wonderful week!

  16. I am so jealous you have a local yarn shop which sells Stylecraft! Over here in Germany a lot of yarn shops sell mostly one brand - a brand I like but aren't too fond of. I would love to have a local store around which sells Stylecraft (and Drops Yarns).

    Take care

  17. Gillian I love the chillis even if they are silly! I'm about to splurge on a loom. What type do you have ? Your wall hanging is fab :) Seriously, very rustic looking and of course an original :) I have 3 yarn shops but none particularly local and none sell Stylecraft - probably just as well ....

    1. I have a peg loom that I got from here

      It is 3' wide but you can also get 1' wide or 2' wide. The 1' loom costs 10GBP (sorry the pound sign doesn't work on my keyboard), the 2' loom costs 20GBP and the 3' loom costs 30GBP. To post the 3' loom to NI (first class) cost 8.90.

      The loom is easy to use but what you can weave with it is quite chunky. It isn't exactly the same as a loom where you weave the weft through the warp threads; instead you are wrapping the weft round the warp. It's good fun though and can be used to make many different articles.

  18. Helloa again to tell you I nominated your blog for an award : here : see you !

    1. Thank you! I'm catching up on my blogging so I'll get it done as soon as possible.

  19. Chilies are so cute and the oak leaves are rich and gorgeous ! I really like both full of autumn colors.
    I wish I could do the wonderful knitting and crochet like you.

    1. I wish I could paint like you do!!

  20. hi gillian
    i love your chillies and the great wallhanger!!! really,really wonderful!!!!!
    wish you a wonderful week,
    hugs regina

  21. Bravo on designing your own chili pattern! They are awesome and could be hung as a group, too. That weaving is very creative! Thanks for visiting my blog! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  22. Hi Gillian, I'm a new reader! I found your blog through Julie's (little woollie) and I loved it SO much, I just had to follow you!
    I deeply enjoyed taking a look at your pics of the landscape around you and of your trip to Scotland, such beautiful places... I also like your crochet items a lot, this autumnal wall hanging is amazing, and I just fell in love with your Yarndale skirt! : )

    Wish you a great evening, can't wait to read from you again!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading - it's great to have you join in.

  23. So festive fruits and crochet, sewing work.
    Nice colors for decoration, fun.

    Good evening to you.


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