Thursday, 2 October 2014

Over the Sea to Skye

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my Yarndale post and especially about my skirt. And welcome to my new followers; nice to have you join in.

As I said in my last post, Yarndale was really the end of our holiday so now I need to go back to the start and tell you about the rest (basically all) of our holiday from the start.

The husband's holiday started a day before mine. Early (before 7 a.m.) on Thursday morning (11th of September) I left him to the ferry terminal in Larne. He was taking the ferry to Troon and then cycling to Arrochar, a few miles from Loch Lomond, in Scotland. I was going to work and then finishing the packing on Thursday evening!

On Friday morning I was up early again and back to Larne to catch the same ferry to Troon. It was a pleasant journey and I spent most of it reading my Country Living magazine and crocheting. When I arrived in Troon, I then drove to Arrochar to meet up with the husband. The weather was good though a bit misty at times. Arrochar is a beautiful village situated at the top of Loch Long, just a couple of miles from Loch Lomond. We had a bit of time for a drive and a leisurely walk before having a lovely meal in the Village Inn, celebrating the husband's special birthday. This is also where we stayed for the night. Here are some photos of Arrochar, the Village Inn and some of the locals that we met on our walk.

Another couple of pictures as the sun was going down. The mist was also coming down more and more.

On Saturday morning we started our journey to the Isle of Skye. The scenery driving through the Highlands is spectacular. We had a quick stop in Fortwilliam for a coffee and then didn't stop again until we reached Eilean Donan Castle. The castle is situated on an island at the point where three sea lochs meet, and is surrounded by some majestic scenery. It has been used in various films including Highlander and The World is not Enough, where is was used as the Scottish headquarters of MI6. I was able to get a few pictures for you.

Isn't it magnificent? Anyway, we carried on with our journey to Skye; it wasn't much further to go. We crossed the Skye bridge and felt that our holiday was really starting. This is where we spent our honeymoon and a few days later it is where we celebrated our wedding anniversary.

We had hired a house in Glendale, a tiny village on the north-western coastline of the Duirinish peninsula on Skye. This is the house we stayed in; a typical one for the area. It was built from stone and the walls are about two feet thick.

We had great views both to the village and across the bay.

This beautiful flower was growing in the garden and the neighbouring field. Neither of us knows what it is called.

There were several ruins of blackhouses round us. Glendale used to have a much bigger population before the clearances.

This place is so peaceful and quiet. We were able to relax and really chill out, especially as the weather was exceptionally good. We did plenty of sight seeing while we were there which I'll tell you about in another post (this one is getting too long!). There were two places we visited more than once during the week; the Red Roof Cafe and Neist Point. They deserve another post rather than squeezing them into this one. And there are a few other views to show you, as well as what I got up to craft-wise.

So that's it for this time. Hopefully it won't be too long before I'm back with the next instalment. The holiday washing is done but there's a mountain of ironing!


  1. What a lovely holiday! I love Skye, and I had some good walks around Arrochar. We climbed the Cobbler a few years back, it was great. Cx

  2. What a gorgeous trip you had. I know Arrochar but haven't been up the west coast past Oban which is pretty dreadful to admit. Love the virtual tour so far and cant wait for the next instalment in between the ironing.

  3. Such beautiful scenery!! You captured it beautifully. xx

  4. Thanks Gillian for sharing these beautiful pictures!
    The loch scenery looks amazing! I hope you managed to have good weather!
    Looking forward to find out what you have been making... :)
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Ingrid xx

  5. Your pictures remind me of my Scotland holidays five years back (gosh can't believe it has been five years already).

    We went to see Eilean Donan Castle too (the friend I traveled with is a movie-holic and had to see the movie castle :P). I remember being surprise the inside wasn't larger because it always looks huge in the movies! Also, I have a picture of the castle at sunset hanging in my living room. :-)

    Take care

    1. We have a big picture of the castle as well - hanging in our hall.

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  7. It looks beautiful, such fantastic scenery and the mist makes it look very atmospheric. I think your unidentified flower is mimulus, I think it's also called Monkey Flower. There's only one drawback when you take a holiday and that's all the washing and ironing when you get back.

  8. So beautiful! Wow, what a beautiful castle. Nothing that old here where I live unless you count ancient indian ruins. :)

  9. Such lovely photos! Glad you enjoyed your husband and I went to Skye 12 years ago on holiday and we loved it, such a beautiful place.
    Marianne x

  10. Hi Gillian, stunning fotos, I am sure that you enjoyed your holiday. I have never been there but it looks gorgeous. Definitely a place I would love to visit. Hugs, Viola

  11. Such a gorgeous place to stay and to visit. Glad you had a wonderful time,

  12. Your photos of the misty lakes are really atmospheric. It sounds like a relaxing break. I've never been to Skye but it's somewhere I'd like to go, full of history and a dramatic landscape. x


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