Monday, 13 October 2014

Donkey Attack on Skye

Hello again and welcome to my new followers - it's lovely to have you. Thank you all for your lovely comments. So this really is my last post about our recent holiday on Skye.
On one very warm day we decided to walk to the Red Roof Cafe; a round trip of about three miles from where we were staying. On our way back we noticed that the donkeys had come down to the fence right beside the road. We both started taking photos of them. I really love donkeys!

This one was so friendly so I started stroking his head and ears. He was enjoying it!

I even talked to that friendly donkey.

Oh look! He spotted something that looked very tasty - the sleeve of my cardigan.

That cheeky donkey and I wrestled ...

... till I got back a bit of my extremely over-stretched cardigan sleeve.

And wrestled some more to try and get it all back.

Finally I managed to get my sleeve out of the donkey's grip! He obviously thought it was extremely funny!!

As did I!

We shared a good laugh together.

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. It really was so funny.
Well next time I'll move on the second week of our holiday and let you see where we went and a bit more about my crochet and knitting.
All the best until then.


  1. Oh that's funny ! I like very luch this kind of story with animals ! I love donkeys so ..... Thanks for so much to share this fabulous meeting !!! Ha ve a lovely day !

  2. Ha ha, cheeky thing. At least he gave you it back in the end.

  3. While you were petting him, I detected a smile on his mouth and even in his eyes.

    I once had a goat chew on my favorite maternity blouse - chewed a hole right through it! I didn't really laugh, though. :-)

    1. Goats will eat just. about anything!

  4. Oh, this is just a wonderful and fun story. I love these photos of you and that determined donkey.
    Thank you so much for your encouraging words to me. I truly appreciate the time you took to leave a comment on my little space. I do hope that you are having a lovely week.

  5. I loved the story. I was thinking that the second photo looked as if the donkey was coyly posing for you and then the one of both of you laughing - priceless! I also enjoyed looking at the photos in your last post. I live in NY and have always wanted to go to Ireland and Scottland so these pictures really warmed my heart. Thank you.

  6. Hi Gillian! What a fun story to tell, I bet your husband must have been chuckling away whilst snapping these pictures!!!
    Great to see you had such a lovely holiday! :)
    Ingrid xx

  7. What a funny donkey! When they hee haw it sure sounds so loud and comical. I have been looking at your holiday photos, they are beautiful. Skye looks like a very mystical and beautiful place. Very interesting geography!

  8. Hi Gillian, what a funny post! You brightened up my day. I just came home from work, totally chilled! I didn't know that temperatures would fall so quickly. Now I am sitting here at my desk with a nice cup of tea and I had to laugh out loud seeing your pictures. Thanks a lot! Viola

  9. What a cute donkey! I just found your lovely blog via Meredith :)

  10. This might be the cutest post I have ever seen.

  11. I love this post! It was so funny!
    Have a nice evening!

  12. That is so funny! His face says it all (as does yours!). What a cheeky chappy xx

  13. He's so sweet. I love how he stands there letting you pet him, what a cutie.

  14. I love the pictures really sweet. I too am fond of donkeys. Kind regards Sally

  15. Oh, donkeys are just the most adorable animals, aren't they. So good-natured. Lovely photos. xxx


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