Monday, 6 October 2014

Neist Point and the Red Roof Cafe

As I said in my last post about our holiday on Skye, we visited Neist Point and the Red Roof Cafe on several occasions. As well as some other places too, of course!

Well, first of all, Neist Point. Although we've been going to Skye regularly, it was only last May that we first went to Neist Point, the most westerly point on the Isle of Skye. There's an old lighthouse which is now unmanned since it was automated in 1990. The first afternoon we walked right down, past the lighthouse and out to the rocks. We just sat there watching and enjoying the total peace and calm. The husband did a bit of photography and I had brought a few things to keep me occupied too. The scenery is spectacular so just have a browse through the pictures I took, with a little bit of description along the way.

You park at the end of the road; there's nowhere else to go. At this stage you can't see the lighthouse nor the path down to it.

There are great views from the road across Moonen Bay.

You can see the way down here; first steep steps leading to that path right across - though there's still farther to go.

Finally the lighthouse is in sight.

We carried on past the lighthouse to the rocks below; the reason for the lighthouse being situated here.

Previous visitors had built these strange stacks from the loose stones lying about.

We made ourselves comfortable on the rocks. If sitting on rocks can ever be comfortable!

It struck me how alike the rock formations are to the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. Apparently, it is said the the causeway extends under the sea from Northern Ireland to the Isle of Skye.

This is the place to be for seeing all manner of sea-birds and is regarded as the best place on Skye for spotting whales, dolphins, porpoises and basking shark. When we were here last May we saw dolphins and a minke whale! I couldn't believe my eyes!! Alas, we didn't see anything like that this year.

The husband did his thing.....

.... and I did mine.

This is the start of my 'heather basket' that I'll tell you about later. I'm not sure why my hair is in such a state in this picture as it wasn't windy!

It was so relaxing there.

But then it was time to head back to our house. Back past the lighthouse ...

... back along the path ...

... back past the sheep (this is common grazing land) ...

... and back up all the steps.

We re-visited Neist Point on several evenings after that though we stayed up on the head rather than walking down to the lighthouse again. The views were just amazing as we listened to all the sea-birds coming in to roost.

The Western Isles in the distance.

Now the multi award-winning Red Roof Cafe Gallery. This is a real gem of a place just a short distance from where we were staying. We enjoyed going almost every day we were on Skye. They offer fairly traded, freshly ground coffees and luxury loose leaf teas. Most days I took heather tea and the husband stuck to chai made with milk. They do great cheese scones and delicious lunches. We treated ourselves to the Laird's lunch on our last day. Basically a bit of everything; cheeses, smoked beef and salmon, patés, salad, home baked bread, caramelised red onion marmalade and oat cakes. Delicious! And all eaten before I thought to take a picture! The cafe is small, being a restored blackhouse. The original house had a red roof so the restored one also has. It serves as a gallery too because one of the owners is a painter and her artwork is displayed in the cafe. We have bought a couple of the prints as souvenirs. I'd better let you see the place, I suppose!


Heather tea

Milky chai
There's still more to tell you about Skye!! I'll leave it until my next post though. Thanks for all your comments and it's nice to have a few more followers.

All the best for now.


  1. Your pictures are really stunning. I have never been there but you definitely inspired me going there some day. And the cafe looks marvelous as well. I could have a cup of tea and some cake now though it is far too late already. But it all looks sooo delicious. Have a good night, Viola

  2. Amazing scenery and pictures, thanks for the nice pictures trip.
    I love your great country and I would certainly visit it one day.

  3. Hi Gillian! Thanks for sharing your stunning photos, it all looks so beautiful! What an amazing walk along the cliff top with those chunky rocks! Glad you remembered to bring some crochet (and possibly knitting?)! And that cafe looks very inviting, nice to have a break there!
    Ingrid xx

  4. Beautiful land you live in. Gorgeous photographs. And a lovely vacation. Thank you for sharing. (BTW, I think I've found a skirt pattern to knit - by your inspiration. I plan to start when I have Christmas all taken care of, which should be soon.)

    1. Can't wait to see your knitted skirt!

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  6. Neist Point looks so peaceful, especially in that photo with the sunset. How lovely that you bought some prints from the Red Roof Cafe Gallery to remember your holiday by. I have a few pictures in my house which we've brought back from various places we've stayed, they're quite special as they remind us of the happy times we've enjoyed there. Just to let you know, you've won my Mini Munch giveaway on my blog.

    1. Wow! Thank you. I've never won anything before so this is lovely. I've emailed my address to you and I'll let you know how the seeds do next year.

    2. I haven't received an email, Gillian. Did you send it to the address in my sidebar?

  7. Amazing pictures, thanks you so much for the special "trip". I will visit your great country... it's so beautiful!
    Have a nice week!
    Lucie x

  8. What a spectacular place, your photos are wonderful, as is your description of the cafe and it's wares!

  9. What a beautiful place to sit and crochet, it would have been hard for me to leave such a beautiful place.

  10. This looks like such a peaceful and picturesque place. I always picture something like this in my mind when I think of Ireland, though I've never been there. Thank you for the opportunity to see it.

  11. Beautiful atmospheric pics of a place I've always wanted to go but never have. Looking forward to seeing your heather basket develop and I love the idea of heather tea. What does it taste like? I imagine it tastes like heather honey but that may be way out! E x

    1. It's a bit hard to explain what heather tea tastes like. It's quite flowery but not overly so. It's very pleasant to drink. The tea is sourced from a tea shop in Pitlochry called Hettie's Tearooms. You can buy the loose leaf tea from their website - if you'd like to try it then here's your chance!!

  12. What beautiful photographs! I love the Isle of Skye so much and look forward to going back there some day.
    Happy week, Gillian,
    Helen xox

  13. Dear Gilian,
    your images arouse in me beautiful memories of Skye! 3x we were with our children already there. Every time I visit the dyer's house of Eva Lambert and marvel at the amazing handicrafts, but we´ve never been at the Red Roof Cafe. We love Scotland and would also love to go to Ireland someday .
    I am happy to find your site and encouraged me to continue practicing English .
    Have a good time, Birgit

    1. Your English is very good! We also visited Eva Lambert's place and saw the dying - that was on a previous holiday. We visited the shop this time and I bought some wool - more about this in my next post.

  14. Hello Gillian

    Wow, words fail me with your beautiful, stunning and informative post. I am totally envious of your visit, I love Nature and Animals and this spot is just perfect for both.

    Of all your photos I just love the sunset pictures, the reflections of the sun are truly wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing pictures.



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