Monday, 29 September 2014


I've been away on holiday for just over two weeks and visiting Yarndale was one of the last things we did before coming home. So, although I'm going to tell you a bit about our holiday, I'm starting with Yarndale. I had some scheduled posts while I was away; thanks for reading them and leaving such lovely comments. Unfortunately I haven't been able to read any of your blogs or leave any comments. As soon as I get everything organised I will be able to resume normal blogging activity.

We arrived at Yarndale about 9:30 on the Saturday morning 27th September - the first day of the show. We were parked at the back so I didn't get to see or photograph any of what was at the front of the building. There was already quite a queue waiting to get into the show so we joined the end. It was nice to see how many people had chosen to wear something that they'd made. Mostly scarves, cowls and shawls. I spotted someone behind me in the queue knitting away and wished I'd brought something with me to work on. The show didn't open until 10 so we had a bit of a wait until we got in. While waiting the Yarndale bus arrived - with more people to add to the queue!

When you pay your entrance fee you get a stamp on your hand so you can leave the show and come back again on the same day.

There were lots of visitors milling about so it was quite difficult to see everything. I wasn't really wanting to look at anything in much detail but just to get the general feel of the whole show and see round it all.

There were quite a few stands with spinning wheels and people demonstrating how they work. This is something I really want to try but I never seem to have time.

These gorgeous angora rabbits were at the show along with yarn spun from their hair. The husband wants to keep some - yet another plan for the future!

There were alpacas too. Ooops! Where did they go?

Ah! There they are.

Of course there was lots and lots and lots of yarn - mostly wool - in all colours imaginable.

And lots of colourful makes too.

These crocheted blankets are absolutely amazing.

My camera hasn't really caught the colours very well. Here's a close up of the previous blanket. Isn't it just beautiful?

I spotted some really incredible things made with wool.

There was also a display of lace and lace making. I didn't give it a go this time (with the bobbins) as I tried previously at Farfield Mill. These two items are both made of lace; incredible!

I realise now that I didn't really take an awful lots of pictures. I managed to get a (very out of focus!) snap of Lucy from Attic24 blog.

Last year I was an exhibitor at the show and my stand was next to the Biteabout Arts stand. Anna makes beautiful felted wool creations and has also started working with willow, making some amazing sculptures. It was lovely to meet up with Anna and Richard again.

The time flew in and we had to leave to continue with our journey. About two hours later I suddenly realised that I had completely forgotten to take a picture of me wearing the Yarndale skirt! Even though some people had commented on it and admired it! Fortunately we had planned to stop at Chesters by the River at Skelwith Bridge, Ambleside in the Lake District. If we're anywhere near this place we stop to have coffee and scones/cake (and sometimes scones and cake!). While here I was able to get a couple of pictures of me wearing the Yarndale skirt. Obviously I need to skip the scones and/or cake in future!!

We had a good time at the Yarndale show and I'm sure we'll go back again some time. Maybe even as an exhibitor again. If you were there then I'm sure you enjoyed it too.

Hopefully, once I get the post holiday mess cleared up, I'll get a chance to tell you about the rest of our holiday and what I made while I was away. I especially want to get back to reading and commenting on everyone else's blogs. I hope I haven't missed too much!

Good to be back.


  1. Would love to attend Yarndale - looks fabulous. We have fiber fests around and about sometimes. So much fun!

    And the skirt - it's so lovely. You may have inspired me to attempt knitting one. Thank you for sharing with us and for all the great pictures. It's nice to have you back. :^)

    1. Go on! Knit a skirt. I'd love to see it.

  2. I'm so glad that you had such a good time away and at Yarndale. Your skirt is great!! xx

  3. Welcome back, Gillian! (You were missed!) Thanks for such a lovely report on Yarndale, it looks amazing! Seeing the animals there reminded me when I went to Woolfest a couple of times. I love the Alpacas!!!! And the rabbits, of course! Were there any sheep? It must have been pretty busy, judging by your photos! Did you buy anything whilst there? Such amazing colourful blankets and displays!!!
    And: I hope you had a lovely holiday! Great that your skirt got an outing, how fabulous!!!! :)
    Have a nice week!!!
    Love, Ingrid xx

    1. There were a few sheep but they weren't in a good position to photograph. All I bought was a wooden crochet hook.

  4. I was there on Saturday too, my first time, and had a wonderful time. What a great photo you've got of the alpaca staring straight at your camera. I love the skirt, it's great how everyone got in to the spirit of the show, I even saw someone wearing trousers made out of granny squares.

  5. Thanks for sharing ! I couldn't go there, too far :-((( but with your post, I got the spirit of the event ! Your skirt looks great ! HAve fun and a nice day !

  6. Bonjour!
    I think you had great time on Yarndale! I'm just a little bit jealous .. but I'll get over it.

  7. Welcome back! Glad you had such a good time at Yarndale, it looks like it was a great day out.
    Marianne x

  8. What a wonderful post. I love the pictures you've captured and that close up of the alpaca is absolutely captivating. However, I do think you were very shortchanged at the first pen with the dinky alpacas!! Your skirt is great too.

  9. Hi Gillian, I am happy that you made some fotos of the vendors and stalls. When I visited Yarndale I took a lot of fotos outside the Auction Mart but only very few inside. I was totally absorbed by the stalls that and all the things on display that I forgot to take pictures. Your skirt is gorgeous, it looks so good. I also have a pattern for a granny skirt in my folder but I've never started to try it out. Maybe I should do as one of my next projects. Best wishes, Viola

  10. I wish I'd been able to go! Your photos have reminded me how much I enjoyed myself last year. I'm glad you had fun. x

  11. Hi Gillian, Thanks for visiting! Wow, loved the pictures of Yarndale! What a fun tour to take. We have nothing like that here that I know of. Really fun to see the animals, I love Alpacas and I have always wanted an Angora bunny. Thanks for sharing and your skirt looks great on you!

  12. wow , what lovely legs wearing an even lovelier skirt. I really must try and visit yarndale one year. It looks such fun. I love the blankets made by the natural dye studio 's Amanda .She is so talented and obviously very patient, such wonderful work. Your skirt looks wonderful with your shirt.
    Thank you for sharing

  13. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Your skirt looks terrific. Thanks for sharing your day!

  14. Great pictures, thank you for sharing them and giving a taste of Yarndale! Your skirt is lovely :) And Chesters is one of our favourites too....we always visit there for afternoon tea whenever we go to the Lakes!
    Happy week.
    Helen xox

  15. Gillian, Yarndale looked like so much fun, I am so sorry I live across the big ocean so far away from it. You look amazing in your skirt.

  16. I have not had the opportunity to go to Yarndale yet. I really enjoyed your photos, it is a bit like going. Cx

  17. Hi Gillian,
    so nice to see your photos. Your skirt looks really suits you.
    Jacquie x

  18. Hi Gillian, I found your blog whilst blog hopping from Woolandcats. I am also an Ulsterwoman (though I now live in England with my English husband! And my children are English!!! This always strikes me as unusual lol) . There's always a connection to another soul from Home though. Your holiday looks fab, when I lived with my parents we always holidayed in the same place in the Highlands ( on the east coast though). In fact my parents still go, and they are there now. It's been 40 years since they first went!
    Yarn dale looked fab, and I adore your skirt !
    It would be great to see you on my blog


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