Thursday, 4 September 2014

A Little Make

I made a card for my mother-in-law using a crocheted flower. It's a pink; in fact it's a pink pink. She liked it so much that she asked me to get it framed. There's a picture framer in Rathfriland so I was able to get the job done for her. I want the frame the same colour as the centre of the flower so the framer's wife painted the frame the same colour. She also painted the inner mount which is just visible.

I think the card looks really well now in its new frame. It was so hard to get a photo without a reflection. Impossible actually. Maybe I should have asked for non-reflective glass but I didn't think of it at the time.

The flower is crocheted using Drops Safran, a 4-ply cotton, using a pattern from the book 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet.

For those who asked about the tapestries that are being made for the Big Weave in the Mournes, here is an update. Over the next two years the tapestries will be exhibited in various venues across the Mourne area. When the Mourne Mountains Landscape Partnership programme finishes it is likely they will be housed in community spaces....yet to be decided! Thanks for all your comments on the Big Weave.

All the very best until the next time.


  1. Very creative work. Ilove it. I'll try

  2. Oh, my, such a sweet gift. And I love that your mother-in-law loved it enough to asked you to frame it. She must love you. :) Precious, I say, it's all precious.

  3. The flower looks perfect framed, I may have to steal that idea for my craft room.

  4. What a lovely card to have given and how lovely that your MIL wants to keep it! When we had some pictures framed a few years ago the framers said that you don't really see the detail of a picture if you use non reflective glass, so I say that you made the right choice! A beautiful gift! xx

  5. This is beautiful and what a lovely gift for your mother-in-law. A real compliment to you too that she loved the card so much that she wanted to have it framed.

    You were asking how I made my photo collages? Well I use an app to make them called IntstaCollage. It's a free app and you just transfer photos from your camera roll onto the different collage templates to get the collage you want. (95% of my photos I take on my phone) I'm sure there are lots of other apps available to do the same thing and I'm also pretty sure that Picmonkey, which you just need to google and register for, does much the same thing. Hope that helps a wee bit!

    Marianne x

    1. Thanks Marianne. I'll give it a go and see how I get on. Gillian x

  6. What a pretty gift, unique and special! :)
    Ingrid xx


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