Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Yarndale Skirt

So. Are you going to Yarndale this year? Last year I went as an exhibitor but this year I'll just be going as a visitor. I'm really looking forward to seeing round all the lovely things that I couldn't really see very well last year.

It must be almost a year ago that I decided to make some Granny squares as an edging round the bottom of a Boden cord skirt, to make it a bit longer. I made the squares, joined them and blocked the strip but it just didn't look right with the skirt.

The edging has lain in my bag ever since with the vague notion that some day I'd make it into a skirt. On my last trip to the hairdresser I called into my local wool shop first and bought the yarn I needed; it's Style Luxury DK which is 51% wool and 49% acrylic and the colour is Mink. At last I was able to get going on the skirt while my hair was being done.

This is how it is looking so far. I thought I would line it but then remembered that I have a brown merino wool slip that is perfect for wearing under the skirt.

I'm really hoping to have this finished very soon and I will wear it on the day I go to Yarndale. So. If you see someone wearing my crocheted skirt please stop and say hello. It will be me because no-one else would be crazy enough to wear it.

Hope to see you at Yarndale!


  1. Hi Gillian, I always wanted to crochet a granny square skirt but somehow this is one of those projects I regularly think of but never do. I would wear it as well, definitely! Maybe we'll meet each other on Yarndale, I also want to go there. A friend of mine is living near Manchester and this is a good opportunity to visit her. See you then (maybe), Viola

  2. Can't make it to yarndale - my car doesn't fly. :^) But it sounds delightful as does your skirt. I would love to see it. You simply must post a picture of you wearing it! How clever.

  3. I'll be there! Are you there on the Saturday? I think some bloggers have arranged to meet at the main entrance at 1pm, and I will be there then. Otherwise I shall look out for the skirt!!!

    1. Yes I'll be there on the Saturday.

  4. I'll be camping up North. The Yarndale weekend falls on our September Bank holiday meeting. You should wear your new skirt to Yarndale, it looks lovely. Cx

  5. Wow, what an amazing and unique garment to wear to Yarndale. I'm not going, obviously, but I am sure it will be lots of fun.

  6. I love the idea of adding some crochet to a skirt, or making your own, even better! I don't know if I'm going this year - my husband works weekends so childcare is an issue, but I'm hoping to. x

  7. Hi Gillian! What a brilliant project! Good luck for getting it ready in time and enjoy Yarndale! I'm hoping you will blog about it, so that we all get to see the amazing things there... wish I could go!
    Have lots of fun!!!!
    Ingrid xx

  8. Your skirt looks wonderful, and unique! It is such a good idea to lengthen a skirt by adding crochet too.....I hope to try this idea!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  9. The skirt looks lovely, gorgeous colours.

  10. Pretty skirt, really like the colours. Hope you will post a photo of you modelling it when complete!
    Caz xx

  11. I would love to go to yarndale and perhaps I will when I live in the Country but alas, here I am in Texas this year.
    I do have to say though, that your skirt is absolutely lovely! Can't wait to see the photos of it on!
    I hope you're having a great weekend,
    Tammy x

  12. Oh my goodness you are going to look fantastic in that skirt at Yarndale. I wish I lived near so I could go.


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