Sunday, 21 September 2014

Daisy, Daisy

Do you know this little song?

Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do.
I'm half crazy all for the love of you.
It won't be a stylish marriage,
I can't afford a carriage.
But you'll look sweet,
Upon the seat,
Of a bicycle made for two.

This post has nothing to do with marriage or tandems but rather another crocheted blanket. I didn't get a chance to show you its beginnings and now it's finito.

The blanket is made up of seventy two daisies and these are arranged in six rows of twelve.

All the daisies are made first and then joined using the green to make a leaf at each corner. Most of the daisies were made in the car and some of the joining was also done in the car.

Each strip of daisies has a round of raspberry pink done before joining the six strips of daisies into a blanket, also using the pink.

When all the strips have been joined an outer edging is worked right round the blanket using the raspberry pink yarn. So here's the finished daisy blanket. It isn't very big, measuring approximately 44" wide by 57" long, but it's big enough for the bottom of a bed or the back of a settee. I think this will make a nice present for someone special; I have someone in mind!

Here it is folded in my green work basket.

I love the way the sun is shining on the daisies in this picture.

Spread out over the back of a small settee.

There are too many shadows in this picture but one of the shadows is of the chair I'm standing on so I've put it in anyway.

This is the daisy blanket! The daisy blanket is finito!!

The pattern for the blanket is from a book called Crocheting Easy Blankets, Throws and Wraps. It was £2.99 in The Works so I had to buy it just because it was so cheap. Unfortunately the pattern has quite a few mistakes but I managed to get them sorted out.

The green yarn is Robin Aran, 75% acrylic and 25% wool, taken from my stash. The yellow is Stylecraft Baby Aran which is 100% acrylic. The white and pink are both Stylecraft Special Aran which is also 100% acrylic. The Stylecraft Special yarn is very soft and makes lovely blankets. Normally I would steer away from acrylic, preferring to use natural yarns such as wool, cotton, silk, alpaca, linen and so on.

Anyway, the blanket is crocheted using a 5mm hook. I used 1 x 200g ball yellow (used less than half the ball), 5 x 100g balls white, the equivalent of 3 x 100g balls of green (this yarn comes in 400g balls) and 4 x 100g balls of raspberry pink.

This blanket will be really warm as the daisies are very plush and deep. All in all it's a very squishy, chunky beauty!

I hope you like this garden of daisies. Let me know what you think of it please!

Bye for now.


  1. That is a lovely blanket! A touch of spring time in Winter! Who ever gets it will be very lucky!

  2. Hello Gillian

    I am just speechless, as your blanket is wonderful - I love it. The daisies are brilliant and set against dark red look amazing, definately plush, deep and so elegant.


  3. It is so lovely. I love the detail of the daisies and the airiness of the raspberry trim and edging. Really nice. I love daisies (a lot) and I love the song. (My mom used to sing it when I was young.)

    And, Gillian, I would love to see a picture of you modeling your awesome skirt. And I bet I'm not the only one.

  4. Hi Gillian! Lovely to see your Daisy Blanket, it looks beaustiful!!! <3
    I love how the daisies look so lifelike and the borders around it look so unusual! I love your colour combination which is both simple and yet very striking! That deep pink is absolutely gorgeous! You must have been working very hard! What a lovely accomplishment! I'm sure the recipient will love it!!!! May I ask - what is next on your project list? And how are things with your garden, have you harvested everything?
    PS: I remember that Daisy song! :)
    I wish you a happy week ahead!
    Ingrid xx

    1. I'm working on a cotton king sized blanket. Almost half the squares done but also have to sew in ends and do a border. just things left in garden that you harvest when needed - like leeks.

  5. That is absolutely gorgeous, I love it. My dear Grandad used to sing Daisy, Daisy to me when I was tiny, good memories.

  6. It is beautiful Gillian!!! The book sounds like a great bargain and good inspiration, but it must have been annoying to come across mistakes, good that you sorted them out though, clever you!! Whoever receives this will be a very lucky person indeed, and you are a very kind and lovely person to make something as super lovely as this and to then give it away. Wonderful make! xx

  7. What a lovely blanket! You are really a skilled crocheter, so many projects already finished! I just have no time for crocheting at the moment, I have to admit. But it will get better soon, hopefully. Have a nice evening, VIola

  8. Wow, this blanket is so pretty! I love the open, lacy joins. Well done, Gillian.

  9. Wow, it is really amazing. I love it, well done.

  10. Oh I love your gorgeous daisies!! The song is my grand daughter Daisy's favourite......she likes it as a lullaby too!
    Happy week.
    Helen xox

  11. Lovely blanket! The daisies are my favorite flowers!
    Have a nice evening!

  12. Gillian, I'm visiting with my mother, who always crocheted alot, and showed her this blanket. She loves it and we both used the word "stunning."

    1. Thank you! I gave this blanket to my friend as a 'just because' present. She was delighted with it and said she really needed something like this to cheer her up.


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