Sunday, 6 July 2014


Look what we dug up last night. Some of our Rooster potatoes.

Aren't the skins a beautiful colour?

I scrubbed them and then boiled them for lunch today.

Some glazed carrots were also prepared and cooked. Just carrots, a little sugar, butter and water.

And keep boiling...

...until all the water has evaporated and just the carrots and the lovely glaze are left.

You would think that with all the boiling necessary to evaporate the water the carrots would be overcooked but they were just right.

Dinner is served. Boiled new potatoes (eaten with butter, of course), glazed carrots and stuffed bacon roll. The only slight disappointment was that most of the colour of the potato skins ended up in the water they were boiled in. Maybe steaming them instead would help.

It's raining so I'm off to crochet. If it wasn't raining I would still be off to crochet!


  1. That looks utterly delicious. Those pink potatoes would make such a gorgeous potato salad. :)

    1. That's for next weekend when my sister comes to stay.


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