Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Early Summer Flowers and Shrubs

Let's do this in an orderly fashion; so first there are photos of flowers that are currently doing their best in our garden.

This photo shows the poppies still flowering away but what I was really trying to photograph was all the birds. The grass in the field next to us was cut, baled and taken away. Then all the birds in the neighbourhood descended on it to have a meal.

The tree cotoneaster is producing lots of tiny white flowers.

This is a ranunculus that I bought in May because I love the colour. It was planted immediately in the bed next to the road. It isn't flowering now but I thought I'd let you see it when it was.

There are flowers in pots and window boxes.

Most Saturdays (there are very few exceptions) we go to Banbridge for coffee in the Greenbean followed by a visit to the nearby market where we nearly always buy a plant or two during the summer months. Last weekend we got these pelargoniums. They are the trailing variety and have very stiff stems that would break easily. I love their colours too, especially the sort of striped ones.

The weary gardener is always grateful for a blue seat in the shade.

This buddleia is just about to burst into bloom when it will attract lots of butterflies and bees and smell delicious.

We bought these yew trees a few years ago. They were all the same size when they were bought but the dark variety has grown much quicker than the yellow one.

This giant thistle is about to flower too.

I love this glauca which was a birthday present for the husband a while back.

The holly hedge has grown much quicker than I thought it would. Look at the heaps of berries forming! We should have lots for Christmas if the birds don't eat them all.

The sweet pea has finally started to flower properly so I've cut some (lots!) to bring inside. I love the smell and the pretty colours. I also cut some lavender and put it in these enamel coffee pots; they are sitting on either side of the Aga.

Have a look at how the fruit trees are coming on. Still quite some time until they'll be ready to harvest.

Even the conifers are producing these lovely cones.

And finally, Nonem deigned to sit long enough for a photo. Normally she runs madly from one side of the garden to the other trying to protect us from passers-by and tractors.

Hope you are enjoying the summer weather in the UK - which has taken a turn for the rainy! Just as well I had taken all these photos while it was sunny.


  1. Oh my goodness, your garden looks amazing! So much gorgeous colour. Your sweetpeas are beautiful, I adore sweetpeas. I don't know what has happened to mine as they don't seem to be flowering at all yet....I will keep waiting and hoping!
    Marianne x

    1. I love sweetpeas too and was disappointed when they didn't flower as early as I expected. They're flowering now though still not what I'll call profusely. It seems to be a slow year for sweetpeas for some reason. I'm sure yours will come too - you're maybe just a bit later with being a bit further north than us.

  2. What a gorgeous post filled with beautiful blooms; yours is indeed a lovely garden! I also love sweet peas, and those pelargoniums are such rich colours - everything is sheer delight, thank you for sharing your lovely pics. Thank you also for your visit to my place - I'd like to follow your lovely blog but can't see a GFC or Bloglovin to click on ……? xoJoy

    1. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I'm glad you like the garden. I'll have to work out how to get a Bloglovin icon for my blog - not sure yet how to do that! Gillian

    2. Joy, I think I've got things set up now so you can follow my blog. Have a lovely day.
      Gillian x


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