Monday, 25 May 2015

Thanks for Guessing

This is the picture I showed you in my last post. Thanks to everyone who tried to guess where it is. No-one got it right! This is Stornoway. We visited here very near the end of our holiday. Unfortunately I still haven't got the holiday photos sorted out to let you see them. We've had people staying. That's my excuse!

Anyway, what about a spot of crochet? Before I went on holiday I finished a cardigan for myself. It is worked from the bottom up, fronts and back all at the same time. When the armholes are reached you crochet the sleeves. Then the cardigan is finished by crocheting the sleeves into the main body and continuing to the neck, decreasing as you go. The pattern is from my Crochet Noro book.

I'm really pleased with it. Not least because it fits me (unlike the dreaded Aran coat which I have yet to un-knit). Do you see how the beech hedge has produced gorgeous new leaves?

Here's a close-up of the pattern. Three rows of trebles (UK) - or double crochet for US readers - followed by a row of V-stitches. Very simple but effective. The yarn is Stylecraft Senses Lace. I've used it before for a little shrug I made last year.

A couple of evenings ago I started trying out some of the patterns from the Boho Crochet book. There are lots of very beautiful items in this book! Very tempting indeed.

The Annie blanket looked simple so I tried a small sample. Then I realised it would make a lovely cosy for my one-person cafetiere. What do you think? Isn't it cute?

It's just some leftover scraps of yarn; all 100% acrylic. A mix of Stylecraft Special and Robin yarns. I used some blue buttons to keep it on.

Finally, here is our amaryllis about to flower. It first flowered shortly after the New Year of 2014. Then it flowered again after a couple of weeks of the first flower dying. Nothing more until now.

When it is in full bloom I'll let you see it again.

At last I've remembered! I keep meaning to tell you something but when I'm writing my posts I forget. Remember I told you about roasting rhubarb? Well, have you ever tried spreading roast rhubarb on toast? Or on a pancake? Or on a scone? Like you would use jam? It's delicious! Go on, give it a try. And talking of rhubarb, that reminds me that there's still lots more out there waiting to be roasted.

All the best for now.


  1. Your cardigan is beautiful, how clever you are. I wouldn't attempt to crochet an actual garment, I wouldn't know where to start. We've got lots of rhubarb on the allotment so I'm definitely going to try it on toast, though I've still got to try roasting it first.

  2. Hello Gillian,, Stornaway looks so picturesque, with the little boats and the different coloured houses.
    A beautiful cardigan, with soft gentle colours., and WOW your copper beech is fabulous.
    What a brilliant and perfect pattern for your cafetiere. I'm so looking forward to seeing your amaryllis


  3. love the cardigan, so pretty. Also love the coffee pot cozy. You are very talented.

  4. Hi Gillian, your cardigan looks beautiful! What a delicate yarn you've chosen. I love the Noro book, as well. I wanted to make the skirt but unfortunately I didn't understand the pattern. Your coffe cosy is a nice little work. Have a nice Sunday evening, Viola

  5. Your cardigan is beautiful!!! I love the colour of the yarn, so soft and pretty. Love your cafetiere cosy too, a lovely idea and a great way to try out a new pattern too! xx

  6. Oh my God, it's beautiful , you ARE gifted !!

  7. I like it all. Roasted rhubarb sounds really nice, I must give it a go!

  8. Nice shots Gillian!!
    Wonderful that waistcoat and the emerging flower.

    Many greetings,

  9. What a lovely cardigan, Gillian! Oh, how I wish I lived in a place where you could wear a cardigan year round. It is already so hot and only May.

  10. Wow, I absolutely love that cardigan! I've wanted to make one for myself for quite some time, yours inspires me... : )
    Wish you a lovely week! xx

  11. Gillian, your cardigan is beautiful! I love the way it looks delicate (in pattern and colour gradation) but it is obviously warm too. I saw my first crocheted 'coffee cosy' for coffee plungers this year and thought to myself, "That's something I would like to make sometime.." and then I see your cute little one (the second one I have seen this year). I admire your creativity and resourcefulness for finding such a great use for a pretty crochet sample. :-)

  12. What a beautiful cardigan Gillian. It never once occurred to me to crochet a cardigan... I must keep this at the back of my mind because crochet works up quicker than knitting I think. xx

    1. Yes, even though this was done with such fine yarn, it didn't take too long to crochet.

  13. I love your cardigan, it's always nice to make something that you can actually wear, it rarely happens to me, I'm never happy with the finish. You will have to model it for us, love the coffee cozy. :) x

  14. Your crochet cardi is just beautiful, such a soft pretty colour yarn too. And that Boho book looks interesting - going to have to look that one up!
    Have a happy week,

  15. What a pretty cardigan! Nicely done :)

  16. I love your cardigan Gillian, it's beautiful. I recently bought the Boho Crochet book and I love many pretty projects. The Annie blanket is next on my list.
    Marianne x

  17. I have missed so many of your recent posts! I love the one with the hens! Your cardigan is really pretty and lovely choice of colour too. I didn't realise that Amaryllis flowered more than once a year. I will have to start watering my one again! The roasted rhubarb sounds delicious and rhubarb crumble is one of my favourite things! x

  18. I believe that cardigan is the most beautiful crocheted garment I've ever seen. Lovely.

  19. hello there, this is a beautiful cardigan! gorgeous stitches.

    and i'm coveting the hens from your previous post. i'm longing for a little place with hens, and 2 goats....

  20. Hi Gillian!

    I really love your cardigan, it looks so pretty!
    I made a note of the stitches, might try something similar!

    Ingrid xx

  21. I love your cardigan a lot. The yarn looks soft and light. The pattern is a real beautiful one. I also have this book and I wanted to crochet the skirt but I didn't understand the pattern. Now the yarn is lying on the shelves and I am not sure what to make out of it. Maybe a cardigan? I have never tried to crochet a piece of clothing, maybe I should. Have a nice week, Viola

  22. What a pity you can't get the skirt pattern worked out. Some of the Noro patterns are tricky. I found the yoke part of the cardigan hard to follow even though it was actually easy in the end.


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