Sunday, 3 May 2015

My Quaker Tapestry

On one of our holidays to the Lake District, we visited the Quaker Tapestry Museum in Kendal. We found the exhibition extremely interesting and the detailed embroidery is so well done. Many people, all over the world, added their bit to the tapestry. When we were leaving, we visited the gift shop. As well as a string of tiny red bells for Christmas decorating, I also bought a tapestry kit. My favourite was this Sheep & Dog kit.

When I got home, I enthusiastically started my tapestry. But interest waned and crochet or knitting took crafting priority. I put the tapestry away in a drawer, nice and carefully. At times I completely forgot about it being there. Sometimes I remembered about it and felt guilty for not working on it. Occasionally guilt got the better of me and I worked a few more stitches on the tapestry, only to put it away again for another few months.

Recently I decided that I was going to finish the tapestry. I was determined. So it came out of the drawer and stayed out until it was finished. Which wasn't all that long! If I'd just kept at it it would have been finished years ago.

Well here it is. This first picture shows it still with the ring from the embroidery hoop.

Here is a closer view. Quaker tapestry is very 'free hand'. There are only a few stitches but you can work them in any direction and build up the picture. It is almost 3-D with the stitches really portraying the textures of the subject.

I'm really pleased with it and all that remains now is to get it framed. Soon.

If you are ever near Kendal this would be a great place to visit. They have a coffee shop too, though we didn't go to it. It is award winning so should be good. I can't remember now why we didn't go as it's very unusual for us to pass up a chance to get coffee and a scone or cake!

I'd love to hear what you think of my Quaker tapestry.


  1. Hello Gillian,
    This is so nice!!
    I think it's not easy to make, but the result is fantastic.
    Very well done, big compliments!!

    Many greetings,

  2. Hi Gillian, I haven't lokked at your blog- or any blogs - for ages, sorry for that. So I had to update myself a little bit. You did some really nice work in the meantime. I like your tapestry a lot. It looks like a lot of work. Years ago I started to cross stitch on small bags for an Advent calendar and I am still not finished with it. I do not really like these kind of works when everything is so small. I'm sorry that you have to redo your Aran coat, it is the worst when you realize that something you have put a lot of time in just doesn't fit. Have a nice sunny Sunday, Viola

  3. The tapestry is just so beautiful. I love it. Good luck.

  4. I've been wanting to go back to the Lake District ever since we visited. Now I know why. How could I have missed a Tapestry Museum?

  5. Gillian, your tapentry is stunning and so neat. I love the little picture. and looking forward to seeing it framed.


  6. Gillian, your stitching is beautiful! I love the faces on the sheep especially. I really like this, you did a good job with it. Hope you have a great week.

  7. Wow, that tapestry is amazing! I love the subject you chose, and the stitches look pretty! I used to cross stitch, but it must be a couple of years since my last project... I just find crochet more relaxing, I can't help! : )

  8. It is a beautiful piece of embroidery Gillian! I am hoping to get an embroidery kit for my birthday... never done any before. x

  9. I like the embroidery. I love the dog, and how the stitches show the direction of the fur. It will be nice to see it framed.

  10. Hi Gillian
    Thank you for sharing your embroidery - it is lovely!
    Most of our kits are bought by students who have attended one of our embroidery workshops in Kendal and it sounds as if you have completed this purely from the stitch guide book - so I am well impressed!
    I wonder what you will be doing next....?
    Happy embroidering!
    Best wishes from Bridget Guest (designer of the Quaker Tapestry embroidery Kit Sheep & Dog!)

    1. Yes, that's right, I just used the stitch guide book. I think I saw a robin kit which would be really nice. Must check it out.

  11. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog Gillian. I LOVE your Quaker tapestry. I have not seen this type of loose tapestry before. It will look wonderful made up into a framed picture or a cushion perhaps? :-)

  12. It's beautiful. I love the design and it's such an interesting way to embroider building up the stitches in this way. It will look fabulous framed.

  13. Gillian, that looks wonderful . I've just caught up with all your posts. I love your lap blanket ,such a pretty motif and the colours you have used are stunning. I cant wait to see your bag using the cascade yarn .I have quite a few skeins of this yarn and you have just reminded me of it .

  14. that looks lovely, I suck at embroidery, don't have enough patience for it. You did a wonderful job.

  15. Congratulations on getting it done at last! Such a cute subject too.
    I admire your patience and determination to get it done even against the call of the crochet hook! ;-)
    Good work. :-)


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