Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Adapting the Sea Glass Shawl

First of all I have to thank you all so much for your wonderful comments about my crocheted poncho. It really made me laugh to think of a 'disappearing poncho' as some of you suggested I must have been wearing in the first photo. The invisibility poncho! Absolutely hilarious. We need a new yarn to be manufactured that would allow the wearer of any garment made using said yarn to disappear.

Anyway, I love it when a pattern can be used for more than one thing. That's why I like crocheted motifs so much.

Remember I crocheted the Sea Glass Shawl from one of the Simply Crochet magazines? Well, I had almost a full ball left of the beautiful Juniper Moon Farm Findley yarn which is 50% extra fine merino wool and 50% mulberry silk. So I decided to make a scarf using the same starfish motifs. I made the scarf using two rows of ten motifs each. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Here it is being blocked using my blocking (dressing) wires.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the scarf after being blocked and before giving it to someone special. I really despair at my stupidity sometimes!

All the best for now. I hope to get reading your blogs again soon and leaving some comments. As seems to be the norm now, I haven't been able to read anyone's blog for a couple of weeks.


  1. Fabulous idea!! It is really beautiful!! xx

  2. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article, I hope you could inspire more people. Visit my site too.

  3. Hi Gillian,

    It really is beautiful!!! I'm sure the recipient will love it!!
    Well done!
    Ingrid xx

  4. I bet that someone special is thrilled to death about that beautiful scarf. Well done,

  5. Amazing scarf, you really had a great idea! xx

  6. Someone out there must be really happy, this is so pretty.

  7. A gorgeous gift for your special person, they will love it. Hx

  8. It doesn't matter about the photo - the blocking photos are plenty to show us the beauty of your scarf. Your description of the yarn makes it sound so delectable!
    Congratulations on another project well done. xx

  9. It's absolutely beautiful!! I've done that too ~ given something away before taking a photo. :-(
    Enjoy your day!

  10. So pretty! I'm sure the recipient is very glad :-). Have a cozy evening! Nata xxx

  11. That is really delicate and so pretty! :-)

  12. This is really so pretty, I love the pattern though I haven't tried it yet. Viola


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