Friday, 10 July 2015

The Garden

I've been taking some pictures in the garden over the past month. Some of the flowers are already past now; like this laburnum.

There has been great growth on the holly with it flowering really well. Hopefully this means there will be lots of berries later in the year.

This rhododendron flowers quite late in the year.

The baby birch trees are still coming on well. Remember the husband built this stone edifice? For some reason it collapsed but has been rebuilt.

I love to see broom flowering.

We had a great display of alliums this year; this is just a few of them.

The black elder had just started flowering in this picture. I'm hoping to pick the flowers very soon to make pink elderflower cordial, like last year.

Lots of purple flowers.

A few new plants for the front doorstep.

The husband made this wind chime!

These shells were collected while we were on holiday.

Very rustic!

The wild flower bed just started to bloom.

Lots of the herbs have flowered too.

Gorgeous irises this year.

And we're still having another great display of poppies.

The fruit and vegetables are progressing nicely. Here's just one picture of some of the potatoes flowering. We've started eating the potatoes already. Just scrubbed and boiled in their skins. Delicious! As are the strawberries.

That was a very quick overview of the garden over the past few weeks. Of course, it is constantly changing.

All the best for now. Hope to be back soon with more crochet; thanks for all your lovely comments about the crocheted shawl.


  1. Hello Gillian

    I have serious garden envy, as your garden is beautiful, I love it. My favourite if I had to choose is the Wild Flower garden and your brilliant idea to use shells as a wind chime.


  2. It is so lovely to see what has been happening in your garden! I love the chimes that your husband has made with the shells and the bamboo, I also really like the group of stones on your steps, they look like a family waiting to come in! I know, I have an odd imagination!! I hope you have a good weekend. xx

  3. Your garden is glorious, so much to look at, so many colours. I love your husband's wind chime too, a lovely reminder of your holiday xx

  4. Hi Gillian, It was lovely to see your flowers and the potatoes - they are all looking beautiful - and especially your wild flower garden. Our garden is totally wild, with the birds and the bees in mind, of course. The year is certainly flying by isn't it! I hope you have a great weekend. Barbara xx

  5. Wow what a beautiful garden you have! So green and lush! Your flowers are so pretty! I am envious of your greenhouse, I bet that's such a great asset for your garden. The wind chimes are lovely, even nicer as your sweetie made them! Have a great weekend!

  6. Your garden is beautiful! I especially love the wildflowers and wind chimes.

  7. Oh, Gillian, how lovely the garden looks!
    And you have music too - with the wind chime and shell chime. Perfect.

  8. Your garden is beautiful, thank you for sharing your pictures, I really should get out and do something with mine, have a great weekend. :)

  9. Dear Gillian, your gardne looks so beautiful, thanks for all these beautiful pictures. I haven't worked a lot in my garden this year due to serios back pains, so it is in a quite chaotic condition but it is interesting to see what happens when you just do nothing. I especially like your wild flower bed. Have a nice weekend, Viola

  10. Fantastic pics! My favorite is no. 11 ♥. Thanks for sharing & happy weekend! Nata xxx

  11. Wow, I love your garden, it's wonderful! xx

  12. Your garden is gorgeous Gillian, hope you enjoy your pink elderflower cordial. Hx

  13. So pretty! I really like your handmade shell chime:)


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