Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Garden Art

Hello and welcome back again. I thought I'd let you see some more of the garden. Spring is the time of year when things change so quickly. It's hard to keep up with it!

We bought some plants from the market in Banbridge. Here is a selection of purple ones planted in an old Belfast sink.

We still have lots of daffodils and other Spring bulbs flowering. 

The hyacinths smell delicious.

The rhubarb is really coming on well. I've already pulled the stalks that were forced, roasted and eaten them! They were so tender and sweet.

 More flowers ...

The tulips are starting to bloom now as well.

The flowering currant looks well - this is its best year so far.

The forsythia is one of my favourites at this time of year.

This is a birch tree that has tiny catkins on it. I thought it looked lovely.

Remember our silver birch saplings. There is amazing growth on them.

The husband decided to indulge in some garden art and built this stone structure among the saplings. Eventually it will hardly be visible, when the trees have grown bigger.

I think it looks a bit like an old-fashioned bee-hive. Built entirely from granite stones found in our garden!

The conifers we bought from the market are still in our 'nursery' section to get a bit bigger before planting out.

Here are a few more flowers to finish with.

I hope you are all enjoying Spring - or Autumn - wherever you are. All the seasons have their good points, don't they? All the best for now.


  1. Your garden looks so nice and colourful, and the birchs grow so fine. Enjoy your little paradise

  2. I love the arrangement in the belfast sink. Everything comes on a treat at this time of year, so much happening in the garden and so much to see. The tulips are gorgeous and I love the flowering currant, if only I had more room.

  3. hello gillian,
    wow....... your garden looks wonderful with all the lovely spring flowers like tulips and daffoldis etc.i love rhubarb!!!!
    wish you a lovely time,
    hugs regina

  4. Your garden is beautiful and I love the stone sculpture, it adds depth and dimension.

  5. Beautiful flowers! I love the old sink too. Marilyn

  6. Wow, what a wonderful garden! You're very good at taking care of your plants, amazing job! And I love your husband's garden art, it looks ancient and intriguing - lovely! xx

  7. Yes, absolutely enjoying Spring! Your garden is amazing. I thought for a moment the stone sculpture was a pizza oven. I would love to have a flowering currant in garden somewhere, the blossom is so so beautiful. x

  8. Hello Gillian,
    Very nice images of your garden. So amazing all these bright flowers. And nice that stone planter. Wonderful!!
    It's good to see that your little trees are growing up well, so nice!!

    Many greetings,

  9. I love the stone beehive. We dug up loads of sandstone in our garden and used it to line some of the flower beds!

  10. What lovely photos of your garden! I love the grape hyacinths, forsythia and aubrietia but I think my favourite is your Belfast sink! Thanks for sharing
    Caz xx

  11. Your garden is so pretty! I love all of it. The potted tulips are especially beautiful. I planted some in pots myself for the first time and all the bulbs were dug out and eaten by squirrels before they could bloom! It was so disappointing. I really want to try again this fall, it's such a pretty look.

  12. Your garden looks lovely. I like forsythia and flowering currant together, they compliment each other nicely. I like the stone beehive.

  13. Your garden is looking lovely. And rhubarb, yum! I'm craving some now!

  14. Wow Gillian, what a stunning place , it's funny yesterday, I wrote a post about not having a garden and that I get so much pleasure from visiting blogs to get my fix of gorgeous garden and what do you know ?//I've been given a fix. Its is so lovely I adore Belfast sinks and I love your beehive its lovely. Have a lovely weekend in your beautiful garden.

  15. The garden looks so pretty, Gillian. That old Belfast sink is brilliant.

  16. Your garden is looking lovely already, so full of colour. I really like that beehive/sculpture, it's fun. x

  17. You have lots of colour in your garden too. I love this time of year. Your aubrgia looks stunning


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