Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Outer Hebrides - Benbecula, Eriskay and North Uist

While we were staying on South Uist we drove north to see Benbecula and south to see Eriskay. These are both tiny islands that you can drive onto via a causeway. They are both beautiful in their own way but Eriskay, especially, is really spectacular.

The weather was very kind to us so we were able to see lots on these islands. After two nights on South Uist we then drove back over the causeway to Benbecula and over the next causeway to North Uist where we stayed one night.

Here are some pictures; they are the best way to tell you what it was like.

A causeway links the islands - the tide was out

Gorgeous blue sky!

The evening we were staying on North Uist, we drove to a viewpoint very close to our B&B. We were very fortunate to be able to see right across to St. Kilda. That's it in the middle of the picture.

 This was another view from the same place.

As you can see, the crocheting of my sister-in-law's bag was progressing nicely!

Hope you enjoyed the nice weather in these pictures but, I'm sorry to say, it didn't stay like like. More in my next post!


  1. Absolutely stunning Gillian, thank you so much for sharing, although you have now made me very jealous! The weather is gorgeous! Love to see your crochet on the dashboard, it's coming on very ncely.
    Caz xx

  2. Such beautiful scenery, and you were lucky with the blue skies. Amazing place! The colours for the crocheted bag are so gorgeous xx

  3. Hello Gillian! I enjoyed reading and looking at your two posts about your trip. Lovely photos!!! And the bag will look great!
    Also the post on winding yarn was interesting! If I don't have a helper, I tend to put the skein over the back of a chair and start winding! ;)
    Take care!
    Ingrid xx

  4. Wow, what a place! I love the pic where you can spot St. Kilda, just marvelous! xx

  5. It really is so beautiful!!! So is the bag you are making! xx

  6. I'm not familiar with this part of the UK at all so it's lovely to hear a bit more about it and see how beautiful it is from your photos. You were lucky with the weather and the blue skies.

  7. The scenery looks outstanding, wild and unexplored. Looking at your pictures I already love it and could very well imagine to go there. But it is quite a trip from where I live and I must admit that I would rather travel to a more sunnier place at the moment because the weather here is awful. Have a nice weekend, Viola

  8. Thanks for sharing all your lovely holiday pics - I've just been catching up with your trip :-) When we lived in Glasgow, we did a road trip around Scotland and some island-hopping but never got to Uist or Benbecula so they are still on my (ever-increasing) list of places to visit. I'm glad you got some lovely weather days amidst the week too. And your crochet is looking fab! Happy weekend,

  9. Looks beautiful. The sun was only shining at the beginning of the week here, now it's just rain again. The crochet bag is gorgeous, lovely colours xx

  10. Lovely photography and the sky is so blue!!! Can't wait
    to see your SIL's finished bag, the colours are fabulous.
    Cheers, Anita.

  11. I've really enjoyed your photos in these last two posts. Although they can be bleak they're such beautiful islands.

  12. Absolutely fantastic photos. I grew up by the atlantic ocean in Noth of Norway, above the arctic circle and I miss looking at the ocean. Can't see water in the woods where I live now, sadly.

  13. Your holiday snaps have been fascinating to follow because your part of the world is very unfamiliar to me. Your coastline is very different from mine in South Australia. Thank you for allowing me to travel with you through the blogosphere. :-)

  14. Isn't this planet an amazzingly beautiful place?! Thanks for sharing your travels.


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