Saturday, 27 June 2015

Crochet and Garden

Thanks for all your lovely comments about my holiday. We really enjoyed our time away despite some bad weather.

So now for a bit of crochet that I've done since I came home. I bought the Baby Brights book because I thought the patterns looked really cute.

Once it arrived, even though I was working on other projects (yes, projects not just one project), I had to try some of the baby shoes. I made two pairs of the little boy's shoes and one pair of girl's shoes. This first pair is orange with navy buttons.

Then I made a green pair with red soles and tabs and with green buttons.

Last I made the little girl's shoes. They have pale pink uppers, deep pink soles and a purple flower. I didn't add a leaf as it says in the pattern because I thought it made it too thick.

Here they are again, all together.

They are all made using Rico Essentials Soft Merino Aran. And it really is so soft. I really love the shoes but I have no family babies to wear them. So I gave them to some friends instead.

I have some photos of the garden taken earlier in June. I'll let you see them even though they are now a bit out of date. Everything I do recently seems to be behind. Just when I think I've caught up, something else happens!

There has been lots of activity at all the bird boxes. The ones in these photos are outside the kitchen window and there are others dotted about the garden. You can just see the baby bird sticking its head out to be fed. Unfortunately the wire looks like it is hanging right across the front of the box (it's actually to the side).

The bluebells came much later than usual.

The clematis was also very late and then never really came to much.

The first of the iris to bloom this year.

I think this is called Californian lilac. It's doing very well this year.

These were probably the last of the tulips to flower. Their deep purple, almost black, colour really appeals to me.

A gardener's resting place! Not final resting place, hopefully.

All the best for now and I hope to be back again before too long.


  1. OMG, those shoes are so stinking cute, what a super job you did on them. Garden looks good also.

  2. Those crocheted shoes! Oh my goodness, how sweet. I'm in love. :)

  3. The little shoes are adorable! It is sure fun doing small cute projects. Your garden looks great, your Californian Lilac is sure pretty. Great picture of the little bird popping its head out of the birdhouse! Lots of interesting things going on in your home!

  4. Love those wee cute.
    Marianne x

  5. Wonderful little shoes!!!! They are way to cute aren't they!!! Glad they found a home!!! The California lilac is called that, but technical name is a Ceanothus, they are a wonderful colour aren't they! xx

  6. Those little shoes are darling. Love those tulips, gorgeous color.

  7. Sometimes a small project is just perfect, love the baby shoes especially crocheted Mary Janes. Hx

  8. Baby shoes are adorable! Flowers are beautiful....I love tulips and iris.

  9. Cute shoes and great choice of colours! I love your garden too, it looks lovely! xx

  10. Baby shoes are colorful and super cute!

  11. Those shoes! Sooooo cuts! Might have to make some .....


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