Tuesday, 3 February 2015

How's it Going?

I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the fact that we're now into February. I have a few projects to show you, in case you were thinking I haven't been doing anything. Here's the scarf I crocheted for my sister. She liked the hat I made her so much that she asked for a matching scarf.

It is made using James C Brett marble DK and an 8mm hook, working trebles into the back loop only. (UK treble or US double crochet stitches). It turned out lovely and soft and squishy, long enough to wrap round twice.

Do you remember my crocheted chillis? I had a bit of a problem with how to display them. Some of your comments suggested joining them together to make a ristra. I tried that - had tried even before I posted about the chillis. There's only one way to describe what the chillis looked like. A cow's udder. Enough said.

Another solution had to be found for the chillis and I favoured a crocheted bowl. It has taken me all this time to finally get round to it. The yarn has been sitting in my bag all these months just waiting to be made into this useful little bowl. It's made using Stylecraft Special DK in Denim. I used a strand of Claret to work a little running stitch 
round the top of the bowl. I'm extremely pleased with the result!

Another project that I'm working on is my Aran coat, started back here. It keeps being left to one side to get something else done; like my crocheted socks. But, even with all the interruptions, the coat is progressing quite well. One of the fronts is finished.

And the back is now up to the waist. When I get the back finished I want to check that I am going to have enough wool to finish. I'm using wool from New Lanark Mill - well, it's 90% wool and 10% silk.

I'm pleasantly surprised at how quickly the coat is making up. Though I'm sure by the time it's finished it will be too warm to wear it!

Let me know what you think of my makes. I love to read your comments. Bye!


  1. The coat looks so nice! And you have a nice garden with snow :)

  2. That would be typical crafting; making something that is totally out of the season! I often end up trying to make a blanket in the heat of the summer! But I think that coat would be lovely to wear any time of year, especially on a cool summer evening gathered around a fire and supping chilled white wine!

  3. You have some lovely projects there! I love the chillies and they look perfect in the little crocheted bowl.
    Marianne x

  4. Hi Gillian! I love your coat, that dark green shade looks amazing! <3 Keep going, you are making good progress!
    The chillies look great in the bowl, I think you solved the problem splendidly!!!
    And the scarf you made looks nice and warm, a must for this weather!
    I finally got started on knitting an Alpaca jumper this afternoon (in a light grey colour), if you are interested, you can catch a first glimpse on my instagram: http://instagram.com/funkycrochet . I went to a knitting group this evening and my jumper is growing well so far. Only problem is that I will definitely need more wool!!!!
    Enjoy your knitting!!!
    Love, Ingrid xx

  5. Hi Gillian, thanks for the update on your coat - I had been wondering how it was going. Once the pieces get to a certain size, they are not as easy to take along so I can understand how your coat was put aside for other things but glad you are still making progress all the same. I love the texture and your yarn looks delectable - wool + silk ...swoon! You are an amazing knitter! I suppose that shows with the request for a scarf to go with the hat. Now, that's a lovely compliment! :-)
    Keep up the beautiful work and thanks for giving everyone a peek on your blog!
    WARM wishes for snowy days, Jodie :-)

  6. What lovely projects you have here! I'm also doing a few at the moment but not making much progress on any of them, too much work just now.

  7. No surprise your sister loves that scarf, it looks really nice, and so do the chillis! I like the bowl you made for them, bright idea you had! : ) And your Aran coat looks SO promising, can't wait to see more... xx

  8. We could never imagine that you were not busy making as you make such lovely things! Your bowl of chillies is fantastic and I love the scarf for your sister too. The coat though - well, what can I say! - brilliant!!!! xx

  9. I love all New Lanark yarns. The colour you have chosen for your coat is beautiful, and versatile too. Can't wait to see you wearing it. x

  10. If it is to warm when your coat is finished it will still be nice knowing you have something warm & cosy for next winter. Love the yarn you used for your sisters scarf & your bowl of chillies is brilliant x

  11. All your makes are lovely, but your coat will be fabulous when it's finished. I love the yarn you're using too.

  12. The scarf is beautiful. I love the idea of a crocheted ristra, it's right up my alley.

  13. Your makes are beautiful !!!! Your sister will be happy that's for sure !! Have a lovely day ...

  14. You have been very busy and all of it looks very beautiful! I am sure the scarf will be very well loved!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  15. I love the scarf - great colors. And your coat is just unbelievable - that's a huge undertaking and I can't wait to see the finished product.

  16. I think you don't see too many crocheted coats about and it makes a nice change, so I'm really keen to see how it turns out. Your chillis look perfect in that little bowl, so tactile. I bet people always want to pick them up and touch them when they see them! x

  17. My goodness you have been so busy. I love everything you are making.


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