Thursday, 19 June 2014

Late Spring Flowers

I know that for some people summer starts at the beginning of June but, for me, it doesn't start until the 21st. Which makes it now late spring. We are having some beautiful weather and the garden is coming along really well. There are lots of flowers blooming, especially poppies.

There are plenty of flowers in the hedge too. I love the dog roses and honeysuckle.

The husband built this stone seat in one of the beds. A place to sit and relax with a good view of the garden.

Even the conifers are growing really well. The Scots pine especially.

We  mustn't forget that the fruit and vegetables are also flowering at this time of year. The beans and potatoes are taking off nicely.

There's going to be a great crop of black berries and blackcurrants, by the look of it.

Something else that is flowering particularly profusely this year is the elder trees. I absolutely love elderflower cordial so I plan to go picking today and make plenty of cordial. Some will go straight into use and some will be frozen.

The strawberries just keep on producing. I'm picking the full of my colander every day and trying to eat as many of them as possible. I've frozen some to use for making smoothies.
 I took a walk along our road the other day and took a few photos just so you can see what the area is like.

 All the best for now. I think my next post will have to be crochet-related.


  1. I love the landscape you show us, and the flowers too.
    I think (for me) that summer begins the day kids are out of school. Here in Canada, it is the 20 of June so it is closed to the 21th.
    And now we can appreciate to be in the garden.
    All you pics are beautiful.
    Miss. Xx

    1. Children don't finish school here until the 30th of June. So another week to go.

  2. Ohhhh, lovely landscape! :)


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