Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Four Birds

Do you take your crocheting (knitting, quilting or whatever you're currently working on) to the hairdresser's? I always do. It would feel like such a waste of time to sit reading an old magazine rather then doing something useful like crocheting.

Any time I have an appointment with the hairdresser, I plan ahead and know exactly what I will bring with me to work on and I have it sitting in a bag ready to take. A couple of weeks ago I was going to the hairdresser and completely forgot about having something ready to take with me to crochet. About five minutes before I had to leave the house I suddenly remembered. So there was a bit of a panic while I tried to think what I was currently working on that would be suitable to take with me. Nothing! None of my WIPs were at a stage for sticking in a bag and taking out with me. Aaarrrgggghhhhh!!!

So I had to try and think of something else that I could start. What could I make? What yarn did I have? Did I need a pattern? I remembered buying a ball of Stylecraft Special DK in white whenever I bought the yarn for Dhaveena's blanket. I thought I would be able to work it in some way but it didn't look right. Well, that was a start; I had yarn. To me, white yarn means something for a baby and I rarely use white for anything else. I grabbed my Cute and Easy Baby Clothes book by Nikki Trench and a 4mm hook. Everything was hastily put in a bag and I set off for the hairdresser's.

Well, what to make? Was there anything in the pattern book that took my fancy? I liked the look of the Blossom Shawl though it is supposed to be worked in 4-ply yarn. Oh well, I thought that if I made it with my DK yarn it would just require less motifs to get the right size of shawl. Decision made and I started crocheting the Blossom Shawl. It actually sparked quite a bit of attention for some reason. Usually my knitting/crocheting foibles are ignored at the hairdresser's.
What has that got to do with four birds, I hear you ask? I'm sure you've heard of the expression 'killing two birds with the one stone'. Crocheting the Blossom Shawl has, for me, killed four birds with one stone.
  1. Something to work on while at the hairdresser
  2. Something to make using the Stylecraft Special DK white yarn
  3. Something that I can work on while travelling in the car
  4. Something that I can give as a present when Dhaveena's baby brother or sister is born in a few months time
I'm making good progress with the shawl, joining the motifs as I go rather than sewing them together at the end as the pattern says. Actually, I've made a few other tweaks to the pattern but it's basically what's in the book.

Blossom Shawl
There's been much progress made on the shawl as we had to make some long car journeys recently. I'll show you more later, as well as the yarn I've picked for doing the dangly bits of the shawl. And I'll show you the progress on Dhaveena's blanket too.

All the best for now. Our gorgeous weather is continuing but I think not for much longer.
http://hookinayarn.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/dhaveenas-blanket.htmlDhaveena's Blanket


  1. That shawl is going to be so pretty. What a lovely design.

    1. Thanks. I've about 3/4 done now. Can't wait to see it finished.


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