Thursday, 26 March 2015

Sow and Sew

Things have been so busy here but I did manage to see the solar eclipse last week. Sometimes the view was obscured by clouds; most of the time I was able to see it perfectly. It was a bit eerie when the sun was partially hidden!

Spring is the time for planting. We have sowed potatoes, beans, peas, carrots, parsnips, parsley, celery and onions. This year's garlic is growing well as it was planted at the end of last year. That's just for starters; there will be more planted as time goes on.

It's a sad thing to admit but I'm rather sew-averse. I'd much rather knit or crochet though I do love sewing by hand. Tapestry, cross-stitch and embroidery are fine - even hand quilting - but I don't really like sewing using a machine. In an attempt to motivate myself in the sewing department, I joined a patchwork quilt class. It was fun and I managed to make quite a few things, including two quilts. Unfortunately the class has now been closed and I find that the sewing apathy has returned. Before the end of the class I had started some quilted table mats. Last weekend I finally finished them! There are six of them, not all with the binding finished in this picture.

The arrangement of the blocks is different on each of the table mats and they each have a different variation of heart shaped quilting. You can just about see the hearts on this table mat.

The backing is the same on them all; a denim and cream gingham.

There is enough fabric left to make a bag but I'm not sure if I'll ever get round to it. I'm just so happy to have got these finished!

I hope you are all enjoying the Spring or Autumn, depending on where you are. All the best for now and thanks for all your lovely comments.


  1. It is Spring according to the calendar here Michigan, but it is spitting snow today. We don't plant most things in the garden until May. The table mats are very nice, you should be very proud of them.

  2. looks like spring is in the cloth...over here is much rain the whole week...looking for spring myself...thanks for sharing..loves soraya

  3. Three cheers on getting these projects finished (especially for doing it when motivation is wavering) and I do love your play on words in your title! :-)

  4. You're gonna grow some nice plants indeed!
    I'm not into sewing either: I only enjoy it because it allows me to modify skirts the way I want them to be (I've even made a couple myself, not much fun though), that's all I do with my sewing machine. ; )

  5. The table mats are very pretty. I am itching to sew at the moment, I love it all the time but somehow in spring I am more motivated. Have a lovely weekend, planting and maybe sewing, too? x

  6. You're way ahead of me on the sowing front, I've got a few things underway but the majority of my seeds are still in the packets waiting to be sown. The table mats are really lovely and I could make out the heart design. A patchwork quilt class sounds like fun, it's a shame it's now been closed.

  7. Although the calendar says March, it still feels like winter here in Illinois. We had some light snow this morning! I'm hoping it will warm up a bit so I can start working on my garden.

  8. I really love your table mats! They are so cute!!!

  9. You've been busy! I do like the table mats, lovely fabrics.

  10. Your table mats are lovely! Buying seeds is always exciting!!

  11. Hi Gillian.. you're doing well to make those mats! I love to crochet and knit.. but sewing is another story. At least I have a machine now.. I got a 1949 Singer Featherweight. Have a super weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. I love your patchwork mats. I need to get my machine out. I see so many wonderful makes in blogland that I am tempted. But I have to say I am so obsessed with yarn right now I can hardly find time to do anything elase.

  13. Your mats are so pretty! I hope that you enjoy using them. I would like to use my machine more and am hoping to get to grips with it this year! Have fun planting all of your veggies! xx

  14. I'll be doing some sowing this weekend, but sewing with an 'e' is a skill which I've never mastered. I once had an old Singer with a pedal which I inherited from my grandmother but we gave it away as I never used it. A pity as now I'd like to try again.

  15. My fingers are crossed you will lots of wonderful veggies in your garden soon!

    I plan to learn to sew - someday... I am always putting it off but perhaps sometime later this year?!?

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

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  17. Hi Gillian, your mats are beautiful . I am also sew-averse. Funnily , I have just paid for a 6hr course to make a dress in a bid to overcome this .I'm terrified and excited all at the same time. I love patchwork and I have tons of equipment and fabric but the trouble is I am terrible at cutting fabric, really terrible and this has always stopped me sewing .I am hoping that I will the course will help.

    1. I'm sure your course will help - I hope it does!


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