Monday, 12 January 2015

Armchair Throw

Hello everyone and welcome back again. A special welcome to my new followers. Thank you all for reading and for your lovely comments. It takes time to leave a comment so I really appreciate them all.

In my last post I promised you an update on my crocheting. Well, here is my armchair throw and it is finito. I took it outside for some photos to get the best possible light.

It's not a full blanket size but just the right size for leaving over the armchair. The yarn is Stylecraft Special DK, a really nice acrylic yarn. I used burgundy, claret, petrol and mocha. I love it when they give the colours a name; especially when the name conveys a good indication of what the colour is like.

Rather than making a Granny square, I decided to try my hand at a Granny rectangle. This ws actually more tricky than it sounds! Quite a bit of maths was required to get it started at the length needed so that when the number of rounds were done to make it the right width, it ended up also being the right length. I think it turned out very well, though I don't know that Granny rectangles as set to really catch on.

Here it is draped over the back of the armchair.

A good match, I think. I've also crocheted a cushion cover with some of the leftover yarn. I just need to get a suitable cushion pad to fill it and then I'll let you see what it's like.

My sister has asked me to crochet a scarf for her to match the hat I did. It's almost finished now. Then I will be able to get back to my knitted Aran coat. So far I have finished one of the fronts and probably a third of the back. I'm really pleased with how it is turning out and can't wait to see it finished.

All the best for now. It's hard to believe we're almost half way though January already! Which reminds me; I must let you see the latest additions to our garden. Next time!


  1. I like the colours! I tried a granny square base for a bag, and you are quite right it's harder to do than it looks!

  2. It's really beautiful. I love the way the colors look. That Claret is a popular shade. I've tried to order it numerous times and found it to be out of stock. I've only been able to get it one time so far. I really like the look of a rectangular granny, but haven't tried making one yet.

  3. I LOVE it! Great job on figuring out the math!! Not my strong point. Love the colors :)

  4. Wonderful!! I have wondered if you could do a rectangle, and now I know the answer is yes and how great it looks too!!! I really like the colour combinations that you have used, they go so well and so well with your chair too! Love your armchair too!! xx

  5. I like the concept of a rectangular granny square, I have never attempted one myself because I am not motivated enough to do the maths. I like the colours of your throw, and I also like your armchair very much. x

  6. I love this rectangular throw and the colours are perfect for your armchair ~ which is beautiful! It is very tricky to try and get good photos just now as the light is terrible ~ I'm planning to go outside this afternoon to try and get some photos of my granny stripe blanket. Hoping the weather stays good for it :O)x

  7. It's lovely, gorgeous colours. Well done on figuring the maths out too.

  8. I had never seen a granny rectangular, but I must say yours is lovely, and it matches the armchair in such a nice way - btw, as a lover of tartan, I simply adore that armchair!! xx

  9. Lovely! I have one in progress but it will be put away for one of my granddaughters for their hopechest.

  10. Que lindo que ficou!
    O sofá também é muito lindo e acolhedor.
    Feliz ano novo!

  11. It is just lovely. Well done indeed on making it rectangular shape. Love the choice of colour too x

  12. You are so busy, Gillian! The huge blanket ist beautiful and I like the cozy chair, too. I´m looking forward to see the scarf and your Aran coat. At the moment I have less time to crochet, just only a few rows.

  13. Hello Gillian, Oh my word,your blanket is beautiful and I LOVE, LOVE the colours, I've not heard of
    a rectangle granny before, well done on the maths. The colours are beautiful but on your
    chair they come into their own. Drooling over your chair right now.


  14. A beautiful throw and a beautiful backdrop of your garden too! I have not visited for a while and am just catching up on all your lovely makes. Happy (belated) 2015 to you!

  15. Hi Gillian! Thanks for sharing your latest make!
    Your blanket is beautiful, and it will look great on that chair (which is lovely, by the way!)
    Well done for working out the stitches and sizes needed!!! :)
    Good luck with knitting your coat, curious to see it when it is finished!
    Ingrid xx

  16. Love the blanket, you did a great job. Hugs,

  17. Very clever and creative, Gillian.

  18. Super job on the arm chair throw, the colours blend in well on the chair!! Love
    the idea of a rectangle instead of the traditional square, looks great.
    Cheers, Anita.

  19. Hello Gillian! Wow, that is gorgeous and big.. good job on that blanket! I love the chair, too. I have garden things coming up, but I'm afraid we'll get another icy cold patch and it will freeze them. I hope Mother Nature knows what she's doing! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  20. Hello Gillian,
    Wonderful what you've made. You can do that very well.
    Very nice to make. You have to keep coming up new ideas every time
    Thank you so much for your visits and comments on my blog. I appreciate that greatly!!

    Kind regards and have a nice day,

  21. Love your armchair great colour and the throw looks great .I think its nice to change the shape of a granny (lol) ,makes things interesting for us crocheters to make . I love love granny squares but sometimes I get bored making them so the rectangle is a welcome change.
    Have a lovely day Gillian

  22. It's gorgeous Gillian, and looks fantastic over the back of the armchair.
    Marianne x

  23. Gillian your blanket is gorgeous and is indeed a perfect match for your beautiful chair. Look forward to seeing the cushion too and your knitted coat (the pattern was gorgeous).

  24. This is lovely! I feel warm and cozy just looking at it - good job figuring out the math, not my favorite thing :-)

  25. Cute, crisp and heartwarming color, and it matches perfectly to your sofa,I think!
    I am amazed you are a fast knitter!
    Isn't it happy feeling to craft something for somebody's happy face when she/he sees it?

  26. I love the colours in your blanket, makes me feel warm just looking at it. And I think I have chair envy too, it is exactly the style and colour that I would like in my lounge.
    Caz xx


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